[Education Time Dated 14-03-2014]

Islam can’t be enforced by terror or war; rather it is religion of peace and tolerance which spreads through love, harmony and preaching, said Turkish scholars, while addressing the international conference on ‘Islam in Turkey’ at GC University Lahore. Prof. (Meritorious) Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman Vice Chancellor GCU Lahore chaired the inaugural session of the conference. GCU Arabic and Islamic Studies Department Chairperson Dr Sultan Shah said that the objective of this conference was to provide a platform for academicians, Ulema and young researchers to indulge in a meaningful dialogue, exchange their ideas and share their experiences , so that true message of Islam could be spread.


Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Dr. Salih Cift from Uludag University, Bursa, Turkey, strongly dispelled the impression that two types of Islamic systems were practised in Turkey; modern in European side and the other in Asian side. He said that it was western propaganda aimed at dividing the Muslim Ummah. He laid a particular stress on Tasawwuf which was the traditional Islamic science of self-improvement and spirituality. He said Tasawwuf was a solution of all the challenges being faced by the Muslim community. He said a lot of research work had been done on Tasawwuf and its history in Turkey during the last 30 years which should be translated in Urdu for the people of Pakistan.



Addressing the conference, Turkish scholar Prof Dr Abdulhamit Birisik pointed out that Muslims needed to learn different languages including Arabic, English and Turkish, to understand and spread the message of Islam. He also highlighted that Urdu was being taught in the several Turkish universities, and stressed that the Turkish language should also be taught in all the Pakistani educational institutions. He also emphasised on strengthening the Pakistan-Turkey academia relationship, without which, he believed, people of both the countries could not be brought closer. He told the students that under a diplomatic agreement, 40 students of Pakistan could study in Turkish universities every year free-of-cost and but very limited number of students had knowledge about this accord.


Speaking on the occasion, Prof Dr Durmus Bulgur, the Chairman, Rumi Chair for Turkish Language and Culture, Punjab University, said that Rumi’s thoughts had influenced the people globally. “Allama Iqbal was the biggest aficionado of Rumi’s philosophy,” he said, adding that Iqbal brought the Muslims of subcontinent together following the philosophy of Rumi. He said that both the great personalities were the main source of relationship between Pakistan and Turkey.


Addressing the conference, Prof. (Meritorious) Dr Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman Vice Chancellor GCU said that the Muslim Ummah was facing multiple challenges, which could only be tackled through acquiring the modern knowledge of literature, science and technology. “Modern Turkey is a model for Islamic world and we should follow the pace and ways of our brethren country to make progress,” he added